Social Ministry

SMMI have a long heritage of championing social justice for all members of our communities. Throughout our history, we have stood side by side with the poor and vulnerable, forged relationships with civic leaders to help enact positive change that promotes human dignity, and provided leadership to health care reform.

SMMI focus on people - Dalits and tribals, prisoners, the aged, physically challenged, refugees, terminally ill patients, abandoned and orphaned children and women. We help them through:

Education (academic, technical, legal, and conscientization)
Advocacy (for prisoners, women, Dalits through social awareness programmes, and legal aid) and
Safe accommodation (by running homes for children, the aged).

The following are the established institutions rendering social service to the needy:
01. Homes for the Children (orphans and prisoners’ children)
02. Women Empowerment Centers
03. Homes for the aged, terminally ill, physically challenged