Educational Ministry

SMMI have been engaged in the teaching apostolate since the very beginnings of the Congregation. The philosophy of education that we embrace is one that involves to nurture the gift of life in each individual child and to enhance its beauty through Education.

We regard the education of the whole child, spirit, mind and body, as a most worthy and necessary endeavor. We spend ourselves in the service of God’s little ones with the aim of preparing these students to be effective citizens of this world.  SMMI schools use innovative pedagogy and curriculum to ensure all learners master core academic skills.

SMMI greatly emphasizes on the role of schools in promoting children’s wellbeing, creating an ethos and environment conducive to tap every child’s potentials
Through effective pedagogy and an array of co- and extracurricular programs, SMMI schools seek to equip students with the character and socio-emotional skills that help them to be responsible and compassionate citizens of their communities, country and the world.

SMMI works with special option for the education of every girl child.
SMMI has a special optional consideration to rural children.
SMMI schools create constructive partnerships between students, parents & schools and community to ensure children are in supportive and nurturing environment at school and at home.